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April 1, 2020,

Dear Mineral County School District Families,

Today, Governor Sisolak made the emergency announcement of Stay-At-Home.  With this announcement the school closures have now been extended through April 30th.  I appreciate all of your patience and flexibility as we continue this new process of helping our students and families with the at-home learning.  We will be sharing this information through email, text, our website and social media. 

Each school in Mineral County – Hawthorne Elementary, Schurz Elementary, Hawthorne Junior High and Mineral County High School will notify their individual parents on any changes that this extended closure may require.  MCSD will continue with the food service as we have the last two weeks at the same bus stops that are being utilized.

Again, I want to thank you as we are all in this together!


Karen S. Watson, Superintendent



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Apri l3, 2020

From Principal Taylor

Greetings Junior High and High School families.  Several families have reached out about the turning in of student packets.  To stay as true to the social distancing rules that Governor Sisolak has put in place for all Nevada residents, completed work is to be kept until we return to school.  This procedure is to help eliminate the possibility of spreading the virus as the Covid19 virus can live on surfaces, paper, books, etc.  There are many assignments that are digital and can be turned into our teachers by email.   Some students have taken pictures of their work and sent it to their teacher by email as well. These are safe and acceptable methods of returning work. The staff at the Jr. High and High School want our students back to school sooner than later, but if the closure is extended past the April 30th deadline a plan to turn in work will be updated. Thank you all for your patience and all that you are doing to keep your students learning opportunities alive and as meaningful as possible.  Stay healthy and positively optimistic that this closure does not extend past April. 
Thank you!
Rick Taylor, Principal


Mineral County High School and Hawthorne Junior High School will be participating in educational opportunities for our students. It is important to us to stay in contact with all our students on a daily basis. Teachers will be calling, texting, emailing, etc. each student every day to make sure that all students have access to the educational opportunities. It is imperative that each student and/or families engage in a method to have contact with at least one of their teachers at a minimum of twice per week. We are
attaching all staff’s email addresses to this notice and you can utilize these to make contact with teachers. If you are unable to engage digitally, then please call the office at 775-945-3332, so we can find a solution for you. School staff will be available by phone or email from 10:00am until 2:00pm Monday through Thursday until the end of the school closure.
For those students that need to pick up work packets at the school. We will begin passing out student work packets tomorrow March 24, 2020 at 10:00 am until 2:00 pm in the front lobby. Please make every attempt to come during these hours on March 24th. If you need special arrangements please call the office and we will gladly work with you. There will be instructions posted in the lobby describing pick up procedures. We are implementing all recommendations by the Nevada Department of Education on social distancing.
There will be a staff member behind the attendance window to answer any questions you may have. In order to somewhat maintain social distancing, we ask that only 3 people enter the lobby at a time to help ensure the safety of our school community.


Staff emails can be found with this notice on the Mineral County School District Website.







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